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      Lucheng acquisitive already energy-saving building materials co., LTD. Is a collection of building energy conservation product research and development、Production and construction、Equipment manufacturing is a body specialized enterprise,The company was founded in1992Years,Brand is located in Shanxi Province lucheng firm Po industrial park,Company's existing area35000Square meters,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff120People。Company is currently the Chinese concrete and foam concrete cement products association, deputy director of the unit,China building materials association member unit、Private technology enterprises in Shanxi Province、In Shanxi Province“Little giant”Enterprise、Lucheng advanced private enterprises,2013The company technology center was identified as small and medium-sized enterprise technology center in Shanxi Province。Since the establishment of mainly engaged in thermal insulation building materials series products development and production,For the area heat preservation material industry is to take a shining star。Over the years,Companies always put the development of the enterprise technological innovation as a driving force,The company successively and lanzhou jiaotong university、Shanghai building materials research and development center、Microcrystalline r&d center in Beijing、National building materials industry technology surveillance center、Southwest university of science and technology and other scientific research institutions for long-term cooperation,The main products include inorganic foam insulation board、Ecological hollow partition board、Pu heat preservation pipe、Thermal insulation mortar materials and products, etc,Companies pay attention to the investment in science and technology and product research and development,Strengthen contact with scientific research institutions,Product refers to meet or exceed the national standard after inspection。
      2009In the state advocates to promote high fire ecology external insulation wall materials,This brings opportunity to the development of the company,After more than two years2010Developed with independent property rights in the ecological quality of external wall inorganic foam insulation board,Products have been into mass production,And put on the market,By the state building materials industry technology surveillance research testing center,The indicators meet or exceed national standards,By the user consistent high praise。2011Years of research and development of company“Lightweight foam concrete insulation board technology research and application”Technological achievements by the Shanxi Province department of achievements appraisal,Reached the international advanced level;And obtains the national invention patent;The results obtained2012The annual changzhi city science and technology progress award。2013In the company's new annual output400M2) foam concrete insulation board production line project,By the national hair appoint the country listed in the national high technology industry development project plan and investment plan,Become a national building materials industry of low carbon technology innovation and industrialization demonstration project。The company always adhere to the innovation,Powered by technology,Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development,As a fundamental to serve the society,Always stand in the forefront of the market,To make due contributions to the development of the foam concrete industry。

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